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Sara Strength, LICSW PIP

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit Building Families Through Faith.  I am so excited about the opportunity God has given me to help families though their adoption journey. You see, I'm not just an adoption social worker, I'm also an adoptive mommy. 
My husband, Travis and I, began trying to conceive not longer after our marriage in 2007. In 2009 our maternal-fetal medicine specialist told us that we should not conceive, due to potential significant risk to myself and an unborn child.  We began our journey toward adoption that same year.  After a year with no response from our agency, we began to get discouraged....but God had a plan.  
We decided to change agencies in late 2010.  Soon after, we agreed to be Mary and Joseph in our church's walk through Bethlehem.  As I studied and read the lines I would recite as Mary, it was as though God was speaking right to me. As I read about the angel speaking to Mary and telling her that anything is possible through God, I knew that everything would work in our lives according to His will.  A peace came over me that night.  I knew that He would guide us through our journey and that we would have a child of our own; through faith I KNEW!  
The next year, June 18, 2011, we found out we had been chosen to be parents and that our birth mom was due in just 6 weeks.  On July 22, 2011, one week early, Lillie Abigail was born. We were immediately in love, in awe, and overwhelmed with joy.  Lillie is a blessing; a blessing provided to us by God through her birth mother. She gave us the greatest gift we could ever have received, and for that we are forever grateful. We have an open relationship with Lillie's birth mom and sister and have visited with the. It is our desire that Lillie have a relationship with her birth family and we will continue to foster that however we can.
Soon, our journey, our story, our experience began to weigh heavily on my heart...what could I do as a social worker to help other families with the heart and desire to adopt?  Just a few months after becoming an adoptive parent myself, I began my work with families, completing home studies and providing guidance through the adoption process. 
In 2016, when Lillie was almost 5, Travis and I discussed adopting another child. We updated our home study, began working with a consultant, and in April of 2017, our beautiful baby boy Nolan joined our family. He is a sweet, wild, loving, "all boy" little man. Nolan truly completed our family. We are totally crazy about him and couldn't imagine our lives with him. Although he isn't quite old enough to understand his adoption story, we are a family that is open and honest with our children about their birth families. We want them to know. We can't wait until the day that we can fully explain to his story to him. We know Nolan was a beautiful gift from God and will forever be grateful to his birth parents for giving him life and choosing us to be his Mom and Dad.
Having been through the process myself, I have a perspective and ability to put myself in your shoes; after all, I've been there.  I understand on a deeply personal level, the emotions, the hopes, the fears, the frustrations and the joys that adoption brings. As your social worker, I hope to guide you, encourage you, counsel you and see you through your adoption journey.  
It is my life's calling to be able to help families grow through the miracle of adoption!
Interested in learning more information about services I provide? Please contact me! >>>>>>
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